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biologit MLM-AI
Literature Monitoring for Safety Surveillance

biologit MLM-AI is a complete scientific literature monitoring platform built for safety teams of all sizes, including pharmacovigilance, medical devices, cosmetics and veterinary products. Its flexible workflow, unified scientific database, and unique AI productivity features deliver fast, inexpensive, and fully traceable results for any safety screening needs.

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Pharma, Ukraine

ʽʽ We are glad to use the biologit MLM-AI platform in our routine pharmacovigilance activities. Thank you for your product that makes our job easier. ʼʼ 

biotech service provider

Service Provider for Biotechs

ʽʽThe platform has made our lives easier. Most of the manual work is reduced, be it retrieving the hits, emailing articles, or a duplicate check.ʼʼ

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US Service Provider for Top 50 Pharma

ʽʽSince implementing biologit, we noticed a considerable improvement in our overall quality. The special situation tags, in particular, have proven beneficial in accurately identifying cases involving pediatric patients for off-label usage of medications.ʼʼ

Literature Monitoring Powered by AI and Fine Tuned for Pharmacovigilance and Medical Devices

Complete screening activities faster and with high quality, on a modern interface the entire team can collaborate on. Leverage our unique AI technology fine tuned for safety surveillance that delivers up to 70% workflow savings.

signal detection

Configurable and compliant screening workflows for ICSR, Aggregate Reporting, Signal Detection and Risk Management.

productivity gains

AI-powered workflows built for safety surveillance delivering up to 70% productivity gains.

customer support

Easy to setup and get started, with extensive documentation, first-class customer support and online tutorials.

Ready for Global and Local Literature Monitoring

Break free from expensive licenses for literature databases. The global and regional coverage of the biologit Database​ is available out of the box for all your regulatory search requirements.

The largest global and local literature coverage: over 55 Million records, 110,000 journals covering 135+ countries, and updated daily

Easy integration with third party sources, and add-ons for conferences (Northern Lights) and regional databases (JAMAS)

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Compliant, Validated and Audit-Ready

biologit MLM-AI is a validated platform built following best industry practices and ready for your regulatory needs: our feature set fully meets GVP-VI guidelines for medical literature monitoring, and role-based user management and audit trail features to ensure CFR-11 compliance.

audit trial

Permanent audit trail of all screening decisions and system activity.

role based

Configurable role-based permissions for teams of all sizes.

validated settings

Validated, cloud-based solution running on secure data centres (EU); biologit is a certified ISO 27001 (information security) company

Download our White Paper​

We explore the challenges, trends and opportunities offered by automation technology to deliver efficient and compliant literature processes, learn how those challenges can be met today with biologit MLM-AI platform.

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And Much More!

Get started today with biologit MLM-AI. Get in touch for a trial account or visit the biologit product documentation and our blog to learn more about features, compliance and use cases. 

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