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Literature Monitoring in Pharmacovigilance Challenges and Opportunities

In the literature monitoring of safety events, the challenges are getting bigger as are non-compliance risks. Learn how automation and AI can benefit pharmacovigilance teams in our latest white paper.

Literature Monitoring in Pharmacovigilance Challenges and Opportunities

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Monitoring the scientific literature for safety events is a requirement mandated by regulatory authorities globally

Missing safety information  from the literature can lead to unsuccessful submissions and expensive inspection findings.  

A compliant literature monitoring process  must scale with the ever-growing volume of scientific publications while maintaining comprehensive auditability. The burden on vigilance teams from this activity is significant.

Tackling these industry-wide challenges will require state-of-the-art technology which delivers robust automation, combined with novel approaches for searching the scientific literature.

This white paper explores the challenges, trends and  opportunities offered by new technologies to deliver efficient and compliant literature processes, and how  those challenges can be met today with the  advantages of the biologit MLM-AI platform.

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