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Feature Spotlight: Teams Work Together in biologit MLM-AI

Updated: Apr 11

biologit MLM-AI is a literature monitoring platform that makes it easy for safety surveillance teams of all sizes to work together and collaborate.

In this article we walk through biologit MLM-AI's capabilities that deliver a customisable and easy to use experience for the entire team.

Working from the same platform: Why it matters?

Integrated literature screening workflows for ICSR, signal management and more

There are different activities a safety surveillance team needs to do when screening the scientific literature: screening for individual or aggregate case safety reports (ICSR), or signal and risk management, or when performing quality checks (QC).

These may be performed by the same team, or different teams, but the source data is always the same: the search results obtained from a literature database. Often one activity is input to the next. For example, ICSR screening informs what articles to consider for signal management.

Audit-readiness and regulatory compliance

With biologit MLM-AI’s auditing and traceability features, audit-readiness is out-of-the-box, and teams performing different parts of the literature screening process (ICSR, QC, aggregate reporting and safety signals) can share these benefits by working from a centralised platform.

Making work visible for faster collaboration

Team members can help each other and complete screening faster when all activity can be inspected and reviewed from a single, up-do-date source.

Lets now take a look at how biologit MLM-AI platform can help delivering those benefits for safety surveillance teams.

Customise your literature screening workflows

In biologit MLM-AI, users can customise screening decisions according to the specific needs of their workflows. Decisions can map to exactly how teams perform ICSR, Aggregate, Signal Detection screening and QC. Decisions can be configured system-wide or per product:

Customize biologit MLM-AI for any literature screening workflow

Work assignment

In biologit MLM-AI, users can work together from the same queue of articles to be screened. With many users screening together, the system’s page locking mechanism ensures no two users can update the same article at once.

As teams grow, it is also possible to directly assign work for screening and QC to users. The Work Assignment feature gives supervisors the ability to track work completion, and evenly balance the workload across the team.

Assign citations to the team with Biologit MLM-AI workflow features

Work Assignment can also be automated: when auto-assignment is in use, articles will be assigned to users in a round robin fashion.

Global search across all results

A common need when performing quality checks or reviewing screening for Aggregate Reports is to scan according to certain decisions over a large set of already screened results.

When safety teams are responsible for many products, it becomes burdensome to perform this activity one product at a time. The Global View is a flexible way of searching according to any criteria, for example:

  • Search any results still pending screening completion

  • When doing quality check: search all of last month’s results screened as “not relevant”, sampling at 20%

  • If using work assignment: search all articles assigned to me and still awaiting my input

Search screening results using any criteria

Role-based user permissions

Finally, to support all the above features, biologit MLM-AI has a flexible role-based permissions model. With it, companies can setup teams with clear separation of responsibilities, segmenting workloads by product, specialty or any other criteria.

About biologit MLM-AI

biologit MLM-AI is a complete literature screening platform built for pharmacovigilance teams. Its flexible workflow, unified global scientific database, which includes local journals and unique AI productivity features deliver fast, inexpensive, and fully traceable results for any screening needs. Teams can save up to 75% of their time and work collaboratively across departments.

biologit MLM-AI


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