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Pharmacovigilance Case Studies from the Scientific Literature

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

At this year's World Drug Safety Conferences in Amsterdam and Boston, biologit presented two case studies detecting relevant safety events from the scientific literature using biologit MLM-AI's unique models fine-tuned for pharmacovigilance.

In this article, we share the case study results and the full presentations in case you missed this year's event.

The Value of Open Access Databases for Safety Data - A COVID-19 Case Study

biologit MLM-AI includes a number of scientific databases out of the box, including PubMed and two large open access databases: Crossref and DOAJ.

We conducted a search for Covid-19 vaccines from June 2021 to April 2022. To reduce screening volume, the study took advantage of MLM-AI's automatic article de-duplication and AI-based screening capabilities.

The goal was to quickly narrow down to potential ICSR articles. Out of 9948 obtained hits, a total of 1946 unique articles (19%) were found from open access literature. From those 359 (18%) were flagged by MLM-AI as containing a suspected safety event, and finally 24 valid ICSRs were identified coming exclusively from open access sources (Crossref or DOAJ):

Below are two examples of ICSR articles found in the open access literature as part of this study:

"COVID vaccine related lower limb gangrene: the first case report"

International Surgery Journal (India), Oct 2021

"Bilateral adrenal haemorrhage with renal infarction after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 AstraZeneca vaccination"

BIR Case Reports (UK), January 2022


👉 Get the complete presentation from World Drug Safety Conference Europe (Amsterdam)


Case Study: CAR-T Cells

The second case study presented at World Drug Safety Congress US (Boston) involved an exploratory analysis of CAR-T Cell therapies. The study involved searching the literature from January 2022 to August 2022 using biologit MLM-AI, and taking advantage of the tool's AI capabilities to zoom in on the most relevant articles:

Once results were filtered for articles with relevant safety data, the team was able to conduct an analysis of events reported in each study (full details in the presentation below).


👉 Get the complete presentation from World Drug Safety Conference Americas (Boston)


More Case Studies

To learn more, check out these other case studies produced by the biologit team:

About biologit MLM-AI

Biologit MLM-AI is a complete literature screening platform built for pharmacovigilance teams. Its flexible workflow, unified scientific database, and unique AI productivity features deliver fast, inexpensive, and fully traceable results for any screening needs.

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