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Complete Literature Monitoring Platform for Safety Surveillance, Powered by AI

biologit MLM-AI is a scientific literature monitoring platform for active safety surveillance that is simple to use, fully web-enabled and powered by AI. Our validated and compliant platform offers true productivity gains for pharmacovigilance workflows and safety screening of medical devices, cosmetics or veterinary products.  

Reliable Screening, Faster

Integrated search and screening workflow delivering up to 70% productivity gains powered by AI

Flexible & Validated SaaS 

 biologit MLM-AI is a validated, GxP-ready and CFR-11 compliant solution

Efficiency Across Data Sources

Scientific literature database with extensive coverage and automatic article de-duplication, including PubMed and open access repositories of global reach

Safety Surveillance Consultancy Services


Biologit offers offers Human and Veterinary Pharmacovigilance, Cosmetovigilance, Nutrivigilance and Medical Device Safety Vigilance Consultancy Services, including the provision of European Economic Area (EEA) Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) and Responsible Person for Pharmacovigilance (RPPV) in Clinical Trials, with the necessary tools, experience and expertise to support Sponsors, Marketing Authorisation Holders and Applicants.

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