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biologit MLM-AI - October Newsletter

October 2022 Edition

Hi there 👋. Welcome to our October newsletter. The biologit team has been busy improving the experience of medical literature monitoring with biologit MLM-AI, and we're excited to share them with you:

  • MLM-AI 1.1 - Our latest release with lots of new features and a streamlined user interface.

  • Faster territory screening with author country of origin filters

  • Case studies from our World Drug Safety Congress talks

  • Achieving GVP-compliant literature monitoring

MLM-AI 1.1: Faster and Fully Featured for High Productivity

Biologit MLM-AI 1.1 ships a fast, modern user interface with lots of productivity improvements: faster team onboarding with inline help and product tours, a user-configurable layout for article screening, shareable links, and much more to come. Talk to us for a demo and trial license.

Filtering by Author Country of Affiliation

Many screening workflows are territory-based and use the author affiliation to reduce screening effort, for example by filtering articles where the primary author is not in the target country or region.

Biologit MLM-AI now detects author's country of affiliation and supports safely filtering results by author country, with significant productivity benefits.

Case Studies - World Drug Safety Congress

Biologit sponsored this year's World Drug Safety Congresses in Boston and Amsterdam. Our CEO Nicole Baker presented safety surveillance case studies based on the scientific literature for Covid-19 vaccines and CAR-T cell therapies powered by biologit MLM-AI.

The case studies illustrate how MLM-AI can deliver insightful safety information quickly and discover safety events of interest from the open access literature, and we made available the full presentations from our website.

How biologit MLM-AI supports GVP Compliant Literature Monitoring

Biologit MLM-AI's capabilities support end-to-end pharmacovigilance screening workflows compliant with GVP-VI guidelines, from out-of-the-box relevant scientific databases to full traceability of screening decisions and reporting. Read more in our latest article.

Learn more about biologit MLM-AI: Get a demo and Trial License today!

To learn more about biologit MLM-AI sign up for a demo or check out our website. We'd love to hear your feedback.


The biologit team 🙌.

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