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AI for 
Safety Surveillance

AI Development and Dataset Labelling for Safety Surveillance

From dataset design, data labelling and quality checking to developing artificial intelligence models fine-tuned for Safety Surveillance, our team follows an agile multi-disciplinary approach that delivers cost-effective and validated solutions to suit your needs.

Custom AI models built from the ground up with experts. Best practices from regulatory guidance are built into our processes

Validated and GxP compliant practices for data labelling and quality checking

For custom use or integration into the biologit MLM-AI platform

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Validation and Transparency

Learn more about our AI development approach in our technical white paper Validation and Transparency for AI Systems in Pharmacovigilance.

Ai predictions

Check out how biologit MLM-AI uses AI predictions for faster screening workflows in medical literature monitoring of adverse events in pharmacovigilance.

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Contact us to learn more about how we use artificial intelligence to deliver faster, accurate and high quality scientific literature screening.

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